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Adventures, make memories. They excite us. Whether it’s exploring the mountains of Scotland, or city hopping through Europe, nothing gets us excitedely crossing off the days on the calendar, like new experiences.

Beyond, want to make camper rentals easier and more accessible, and encourage people to ditch the package holiday, and go explore. They tasked KWS with creating a brand that reflected their values, whilst being flexible enough to work across multiple demographics and holiday types.

A camper van on a hillside with the Beyond logo design by Kyle Wilkinson Studio

The solution.

We created a modern, simple design system that focused on the experiences that campers provide, not the campers themselves. Sure, it’s important to get the right camper for you, but it is a box with wheels (that you’ll give a cute name) to make memories within.

We chose to give a subtle nod to the past in places, invoking the style of long form copy ads of the 50’s and 60’s to give a sense of character, and building a strong verbal identity within the brand, to give a more personal tone to all the comms.

Kyle Wilkinson Studio