A portrait of designer and artist Kyle Wilkinson

Kyle Wilkinson is an award-winning British designer from Yorkshire, England, working on branding, strategy, images, objects and more.

His eponymous studio, launched in 2017, partners with businesses and agencies on all aspects of branding – from developing the initial strategy, creative vision and design for emerging brands, to creating new ways of experiencing and engaging with existing brands.

Our clients include:
The New York Times, Mercedes-Benz, The European Commission, Adobe, Santander, Mars Inc, Condè Nast, Academy Films, Blavod Vodka, Captivate, Paper, Mckinsey&Co, Fortune Magazine, Red Leg Rum, Acorn Brewery, AIGA, Time Inc, BENQ, Merman, Rebel Base Media.

Strategy, design and communications.

KWS partners with brands and businesses to deliver informed, well considered strategy, alongside beautiful visuals and clever copywriting.

Our design outcomes, are always underpinned by concept and idea – a reasoning behind our choices that align with the vision and strategy outlined.

Branding, is so much more than putting a logo on something. It’s defining your values, and what you give the world – your reason for existing, and explaining these through verbal and visual communication.

KWS design and develop brands for those who want to build something that adds to the world. Those that want something desirable, that doesn’t conform, and need something different.

We’re not snobby, to us it doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, worldwide household name, or even a larger agency (we work with you all) your project is approached the same way, with ambition, and a raw excitement to create something new.

Kyle Wilkinson Studio Santander Hoarding design

We value a reductive, insight driven approach, to build modern efficient brands.

In todays world, we’re busy. Busy of visual information and things crying for our attention. To silence the noise, the design and brands we create, are reductive – so only the important, purposeful elements make the cut.

This doesn’t mean it’s simple, far from it – more hyper-focused and efficient, with every element working hard to create and build the brand that’s suitable for your audience, end user and overall business vision.

A fabric trophy design by Kyle Wilkinson Studio

We create new ways of experiencing your brand through new design mediums.

As well as creating the brands themselves, we also create new ways of experiencing a brand.

This could be through an event, an installation or even an object – something that’s an extension of your values and vision, but connects with your audience in a way that’s different to the norm.

Some examples include our trophies for The European Commission, graphic installations for Santander, or chair designs for laser cutting companies exhibition.

Services we partner on

Brand strategy
Design & visual identity
Verbal identity & copy
Art direction
Image making & illustration
Environmental graphics

“Kyle brought his creativity and flair to unpick complex design challenges for the business development team at Mars. With enthusiasm and a high level of craftsmanship Kyle beautifully brought to life new brand territories for the team, quickly and effectively, enabling rapid in market testing”

Daniel Austen
Principal Designer, Mars Inc.

Kyle Wilkinson Studio