Designing a personal fitness and training brand, just for women.

Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Print Design

Briefed to create a brand that was accessible for women of all ages and abilities, we helped create new services to cater for different needs, such as LBD Nutrition & LBD Prenatal. The branding was pitched at a medium to high category, with a focus on verbal identity – with the brands image being representative of all body types, with a key message of being happier, healthier.

We collaborated on.
Brand Strategy, brand design & tone of voice.

Branding design for LBD Prenatal Fitness by Kyle Wilkinson Studio. Mobile phone shows a pregnant women running with the words"For the babe, and the baby"

We developed a flexible system so the brand could diversify into other areas of fitness, such as Prenatal, Online and Nutrition.

Kyle Wilkinson Studio