KWS shortlisted for a Design Week award

We’re delighted to be shortlisted for a 2021 Design Week award

Posted — 29.05.2021

KWS is delighted to be shortlisted for a 2021 Design Week award in the Wayfinding and Signage category for our Morse code installation for Santander.

The area of Milton Keynes has a rich history of technology, particularly at Bletchley Park – the home of the legendary codebreakers of WW2, who used some of the first computers to intercept and crack codes, led by the iconic Alan Turing

In total 400 meters of code was created, framing the construction site in both a public art piece, as well as a challenging code cracking opportunity, that people of all ages could enjoy.

To give a nod to this history, and let the public try their hand at cracking codes themselves, we delivered a design that included hidden words within contemporary Morse code patterns that ran along prominent locations surrounding the perimeter, along with the Morse code alphabet.

The patterns were created from 4 different words, Explore, Sustainable, Adventure and Possibility – everything the new building wants to encourage and represent. As they undulate around the site they create an almost 3D surreal image, that appears to almost be in motion.