Starting a project

You maybe considering working with us on your next project, here’s a little insight into those first few steps.

Posted — 12.04.2021


Kyle Wilkinson

I realise engaging with a new design studio can sometimes be daunting.

It shouldn’t be, we’re a friendly bunch, but i know that some may have been burnt by past experiences, or maybe this is your first time working with a design studio, either way, new is exciting!

Whilst we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to any project, they all tend to start the same – through an email. On that first email, it’s really great if you can send us some brief information on what you’re looking for. Don’t worry if you’re running at pace and don’t have everything though, it could be something as simple as this.

“Hi Kyle,

We’re from Watermelon, and we’re looking for an exciting new brand for our company, as we look to go to a funding stage for our business.

We create Watermelon technology, working within the fashion and tech sectors, and are looking for help telling our story, and visualising our ambition for the business.

Our budget is between 12-20k and we’d be looking to launch in a few months, if possible?”

How’s the weather?

As soon as we get your email, we’ll get back to you really quickly to arrange a call. This is to gain some insight into your project, allowing us to get an idea of how we can best help. It also gives you the opportunity to ask us anything, so that you get that peace of mind that you’re making the right choice. 

If you’re British, we’ll likely mention the weather. If you’re not, we’ll probably still mention it. 

Is what you want, what you really really want?

It’s really important for us both, to get an accurate scope and brief on a project, it helps us budget, and importantly, plan out the work. We also use scoping to make sure what you’re asking for, is what you really need.

If it’s a branding, or rebranding project we’ll be talking about whether or not you need strategy as well as creative, along with all the assets you need, and things we’ll deliver. We’ll also agree when you’ll receive things, as we move through the various stages of design development.

If you’re an ad-agency or brand, looking for an advertising project or image making for a campaign, we’ll talk about usages and licensing, and again, the assets you need and when you need them for.

We don’t have a budget

We work with a broad range of briefs and budgets. These range from a few thousand pounds – into five and sometimes six figure projects, it can be really broad, we’re not expensive, we’re not cheap, we’re somewhere in the middle, this allows us to deliver great work, whilst still being competitively priced.

When we talk about money, and budgets, we’re looking to understand how to best distribute the money – branding projects may require more strategic work, some more creative and asset creation, or we could be making something from paper for a campaign, or precious metals for a window display – if we have an idea on the budget we’re working with, we know the constraints we are designing within.

It really isn’t about which Ferrari we’re buying next.

Ready to start working with us?

Ready to start working with us?