The Help Blanket

Kyle Wilkinson Studio Help Blanket

A design to help those on the streets.

Posted — 08.12.2021

It happens every year, you step out of the house, and feel that cold snap for the first time. You go through the motions – make some sort of brrrr noise, pull your shoulders up, have the small talk with the neighbour, and start to layer up.

Unfortunately, some don’t have this luxury.

Let’s rewind a little, for context and explain that throughout the year, as a thank you to our clients, we tend to send some sort of KWS designed product or thing, it’s a small gesture, but something that’s important to me.

Kyle Wilkinson Studio Help Blanket

This year, whilst thinking of what to send at Christmas, and after feeling that cold snap for the first time, i wondered if we could do a gift a little different – maybe donate something on our clients behalf.

I wondered if we could help those feeling the cold the most, those living without a home, on the streets, and landed on the idea of the help blanket.

It’s a simple idea really, keep people warm by wrapping them in a blanket design that grabs the attention of the passer by, and encourages them to help out.

I contacted a few charities to get feedback on the idea – i didn’t want to assume we were right, and after getting some great comments and validation on the design, we ordered over £600 worth, and donated them to a local shelter.

Kyle Wilkinson Studio Help Blanket

Now, i’m aware this is only a small thing – an attempt to do something. But my hope from promoting this, is that it catches the eye of some blanket manufacturers of the world to donate some of their blanket wizardry, so that we can get more blankets out to those who need them. If you’re one of them, please get in touch (we don’t want paying), if you can’t be bothered, just this once, rip us off*

Or maybe you’re a designer, I’d also encourage you to rip it off, make your own, copy the design, whatever – as long as it means more blankets, sleeping bags etc, to the people that need them the most.

*Don’t rip us off to make some sort of crap, I need help I’ve got a hangover blanket, or towel that you’ll use in Benidorm.

I also want to encourage others to think of how their skills, spare cash, or time, can be used towards other great causes out there, including homelessness. This didn’t take great deal of all of them, but feels great to do something and contribute in some small way to a worthwhile cause, and it’s something we’re going to look at doing longterm when I figure how best to support, in the mean time, if you can help, please do.

Donate to Shelter today

Kyle Wilkinson Studio Help Blanket