I always enjoy speaking about design, it could be discussing new work, thoughts on where the industry could be heading, or importantly, where things can be improved. Whatever the subject matter, it's important to have an open conversation, or debate, that in turn pushes the work and industry forward, as well as helping nurture the future talent of design.

So with that being said, when Adobe asked me to share some insights into working in the design sector and a general discussion on our past work with Tony Harmer, i was automatically in. Whilst Adobe wanted me to talk through examples of work, i wanted to try and weave in some advice for people, particularly at the start of their careers so to highlight a few misconceptions and give some insight into what i'd learnt over the last few years.

We talk about social media, and its impacts, how big clients don't mean you've made it, and show the first sketch for our campaign design for a shopping centre, that shows i can't spell birthday.

You can watch the livestream here