Arrival x Louis Vuitton

KWS invited to the panel talk with Arrival & Louis Vuitton

I had the amazing opportunity to attend a discussion with the design team at Arrival and Louis Vuitton as they introduced their recent collaboration for the Louis 200 campaign – where they’re celebrating the 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton.

Firstly, i felt very lucky to be in the same room as some very good designers, also that it was held at Television Centre – somewhere i’ve wanted to go for a long time!

It’s an interesting collaboration, old meeting the young, so to speak, as Arrival is only 6 years old, but making huge leaps in the EV world.

The discussion was around how products can be made with 0% waste, and 100% recyclable (amazing) and how the micro factory can facilitate this. The collaboration involved redesigning the iconic LV trunk, from a composite material

It was a fascinating insight, and something the will become prominent with brands seeking to become more sustainable throughout their whole supply chains, as the consumer demands more for their loyalty, as will the planet, in order to survive.